Please come out and support our book fair! 
September 19th - 22nd & 25th 

Tuesday (19th) iRock and iRead - special music as you purchase!
Wednesday (20th) - Reading Readiness - promoting books that strengthen an emerging reader's ability to recognize and understand basic words and text
Thursday (21st) Lights, Camera, Book Fair - students vote for their most favorite book
Friday (22nd) - 8:00 - 8:45 Students will dress as Cowboys and Cowgirls / Grandparent Round-Up (Grandparents can come to school and purchase a book for their grandchildren)
Donuts with Dudes and Coffee with Cowgirls

Mrs. Julie Waguespack named as one of the 2018 Principal of the Year State Semi-Finalists Winners for the State of Louisiana


     Our principal, Mrs. Julie Waguespack was named as one of the 2018 Principal of the Year State Semi Finalists winners for the state of Louisiana. If you walk through the corridors of Vacherie Elementary, one may find it very difficult to locate Mrs. Julie. She is rarely in her office, due to the fact that she is in the classrooms doing whatever it takes to ensure that a vision of high expectations for teachers and students permeates every aspect of our school. This is one of the characteristics that deem Mrs. Julie as one of the state of Louisiana’s semi finalists.

     She is constantly building relationships with students and helping them to believe that people care about them. She is credited for bringing academic rigor to Vacherie Elementary and for her efforts as a “very, very strong instructional leader.”

     It’s an incredible honor for Mrs. Julie. She is like an orchestra leader and our students, teachers, support staff, parents, and a great community plays the beautiful music that inspires the dreams of every child at Vacherie Elementary. 

Parents be sure to congratulate her!

A Total Solar Eclipse Leaves VES Students in Awe


     On Aug. 21, 2017, millions of people witnessed a total solar eclipse across the United States. This astronomical event was a rare opportunity to witness the awesome beauty and power of our sun and consider the science and math that makes a total solar eclipse possible. All students of Vacherie Elementary School participated in some shape or form.

     Our second grade class enjoyed the Solar Eclipse by using “Solar Shades” to experience this exciting event.  Prior to going outdoors for the eclipse, students were able to watch the event as it was happening in the cities of totality.  The differences in the way the eclipse looked in Vacherie were compared to that of the other cities.   

     The students of VES had a "real life" experience as they witnessed history in the making. The looks on their faces - PRICELESS! 



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Mrs. Tammy's Class Special Friends
Posted on 09/14/2017

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