The music program at Vacherie Elementary is structured to raise the bar by creating meaningful and exciting experiences for the students. A well rounded music literacy curriculum encourages the appreciation for all music genres and types so as to develop the learners' creative and cognitive skills​ while taking into account their developmental readiness. 

​To be most effective, music education must begin at a very young age show some studies. Speech, well coordinated motor skills and acceptable social interaction can be facilitated with music study. Through songs, movement and play, the lower elementary grades (K-3) will take part in our fun and exciting learning programs. The contribution of every student makes every class special and enjoyable. Students will also be introduced to early musical and literary improvisation in class to sharpen their creative potential.

The upper elementary grades will review and study in depth: musical notations, terminology and concepts through independent and small group projects. At this stage, students will also learn about best performance practices (which can be useful in other aspects of school and life), artistic interpretation and, a great sense of appreciation for the world around us through music.

​ Participation is the only requirement in the music class. Nothing happens without someone performing, singing or dancing. Grading is based on participation because of that reason. In music, we use S(satisfactory), N(needs improvement), and U(unsatisfactory). Assessments will be used mostly to gauge students' progress or lack there of. An assessment can be written or performed. Any projects assigned will be completed in class. 

Fritzgerald Barrau
Planning Time: 11:00-11:30 AM