Class Syllabus
ELA Instruction

ELA instruction is taught using the English Language Arts Guidebook provided by the Louisiana Department of Education.  The Ready Teacher Toolbox (Ready Instruction Book), which is an online resource, is also used as an instructional resource.  The Common Core Standards/skills that are taught in the Louisiana Guidebook are aligned to the lessons in the Ready Instruction Book.  


Students will have a minimum of six test grades in ELA.  Two of the grades will consist of end-of-unit tasks from the English Language Arts Guidebook (a cold-read task and a culminating writing task).  All assessments will count for 90% of the ELA grade.

Homework assignments can be found on the Weekly Homework Calendar.  Students will be given a daily class assignment that will count towards a homework/participation grade if completed.  Students will also have occasional homework sheets.  The daily assignments and homework sheets will count towards 10% of the ELA grade.