Mrs. Granier’s Class Syllabus

Grades will be assigned as follows in each subject area.
Reading Comprehension/Foundational Skills/Writing/Grammar (ELA, English Language Arts)
A written reading test will be administered every six days.  The test will consist of two "fresh reads" with multiple choice questions and constructed response questions.  Foundational Skills: phonological/phonemic awareness and phonics.  Students will have a weekly Grammar test. Students will also have two writing assignments which will be graded each quarter.
The ELA report card grade will be an average of the reading comprehension tests, foundational skills, two writing assignments, and grammar tests, with the following weight.
Reading Comprehension Tests 50%
Foundational Skills 25%
Grammar Tests 10%
Two Writing Assignments 15%

GRADING SCALE                  100-93     A
                                             92-85       B
                                             84-75       C
                                             74-67       D      
66-0         F


If students are absent, they will make up any tests or assignments missed.Students are encouraged to make up tests/assignments before the next week’s tests are given.


  • Homework assignments will be given to students on a weekly homework chart.
  • All homework assignments should be returned to school on the following day unless a due date is given for a specific assignment.
  • Because homework is the tool that gives your child practice and reinforcement of the content taught in class, it is important that your child completes his/her assignments.You are encouraged to monitor and/or assist your child with homework assignments.