In first grade, we have grade level expectations that meet the Louisiana Student Standards. In this class, we will learn Math and Social Living.  


This year we will be using Eureka Math Modules to instruct students.  The total amount of tests given for Math will be a minimum of six tests per nine weeks. A parent newsletter will be distributed to students every time a new topic is introduced.  The information on the newsletter will assist you when helping your child complete home learning assignments and preparing for tests. A study guide will be given to the students the day before each test. The study guide will be in the same format of the test. NOTE:  Math tests will be cumulative.


Social living will be assessed weekly.  Student will have 2 weeks of Social Studies and 2 weeks of Science. Study guides will be provided to prepare students for tests.  Students are required to review study guides daily.  Students will receive a grade of S, N, or U.


Occasionally, projects will be assigned in  Social Living.  Students will have at least a week to complete the projects.  These projects will be graded as a test grade. There will be a rubric given to the students to follow. Students will have at least a week to complete the projects.